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Are you still watching? - after François Boucher
91.5 x 122cm (unframed)
Oil painting on canvas

~ Are you still watching? - after François Boucher (2021)

This Rococo painting by François Boucher has undergone a 2020s udpdate. She lies across her sofa surrounded by hallmarks of our time: onlien food delivery, wine, ‘self-care,’ and the ever present mobile phone. Items of leisure and luxury, but also the expectations of how she should appear in public. She does not engage with the viewer of with what’s going on outside, and even seems disengaged in what she’s looking at. In our viewing her in this timw, are we engaging with her the same way a viewer would’ve with a nude female figure in 1752?

This work was created as part of a mentorship program ‘Wunder Gym: Make Some Noise’ with Kait James as part of Wunder Gym, hosted by Wyndham City Council. The work was exhibited as a paste-up (due to COVID-19 imapcts) in Station Place Laneway in in Werribee, VIC and then as a print in the pop-up exhibition The Salon des Wunder Gym at 2/10 Watton Street, Werribee, VIC because by then it had sold and was unabvailable for display.