1 Lead Artist of RED | redux

2 above is a series of documentation shots of the intsallation and the decal label

3 first time working with neon

Public Art (2017)
~Odyssey in Neon

RED | redux: 01 DEC - 31 DEC

Historic Weigh Station - Werribee CBD, VIC 3030

Odyseey in Neon was a site specific installation of a red neon sign in a historic weigh station on Watton street, Werribee. The sign reading ‘O Muse’ references the opening of Homer’s epic poem ‘The Odyssey’ in which the narrator invokes the muses to help him tell the tale of Odysseus’ trip home from the Trojan War.

With this work I hoped to achieve two ends. One was to open a dialogue with other creatives participating in the ‘RED | redux’ about their creative practice and what inspires them. Many of these conversations became interview pieces featured on social media poste din conjuncion with this work. The other aim of this work was to remind us all that our inspirations, like a beacon at night; will lead us on.

Red is an annual public art program put on by Wyndham City Council. Each year the premise is a bit different but is always red public artworks that activate spaces along Watton St, the main thoroughfare of the Werribee CBD.

For 2017 RedWest Creatives Co-op, of which I was president of at the time; was invited to be heavily involved in the project and act as a lead for the program. In the end this worked out that many members were participants, organisation and meetings for the project were managed by RedWest and myself and my Vice President Will Francis acted as Lead Artists on the project.

I have since re-purposed this sign as part of my ‘Repoussoir’ exhibition given that the words allude to a literary framing device and am developing a new work that will incorporate it as a significant element.