Founder / President (2017)
~RedWest Creatives Co-op

In 2017 I was awarded a 'Community Strengthening Grant' from Wyndham City Council to start an Artist Co-op. Along with a group of other Wyndham-based creatives we formed ‘RedWest’, a co-operative that would galvantize local creatives together to help develop and strengthen Wyndham’s creative community and help provide those artists with a voice and a sense of advocacy.

I was able to form the group and get it started in it’s initial year but due to my getting hired at Wyndham City Council, and later being offered a permanent role; it was deemed that I needed to resign my role as president in 2018. Later I also decided to end my membership to ensure that the organisation would continue to develop independent of my or council’s influence.

If you’re based in Melbourne’s western suburbs and interested in learning more about RedWest you can visit their website here -