1 The residency was originally inteneded to run for 3 months but was extended. 

2 Workshops developed as part of the ‘Activate’ program were a feature of the residency as well as on site engagement with a Girl Guides Troop and the local kindergarden. 

Artist Residency / Exhibition  (2015)
~ The Fishbowl

SEPT 2015 - JAN 2016

Wyndham Art Spaces - Featherbrook, VIC 3030

At the end of 2015 Esbenshade was invited to take up residence at the Featherbrook Community Centre art space to engage with community and to have the opportunity to develop a new series of works. 

Fresh from her trip to the Great Barrier Reef and feeding off her involvemnet with the local marine environment groups Esbenshade filled the space with photogrpahs, specimens, sketches and new works culminating in an exhibition. 

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